Honda brio satya review and specs

Honda Brio Satya review and specs - I will review about Honda Brio Satya which will include pictures from Honda Brio Satya, the interior and exterior, complete specifications, and much more. Honda Brio Satya is the name of eco-friendly products cheap car Honda Prospect Motor, which was prepared for dealing with other manufacturers such as cheap car, duo Astra (Agya and Ayla), Datsun or Suzuki Karimun Go Wagon R. Brio Satya officially published by Honda Prospect Motor on September 11, 2013 that then. What is interesting from the rising of the car that has the symbol of a typical Indonesian jasmine flower as this? Many things can be when talking comparisons or reviews the advantages and disadvantages of Brio Satya with its rivals.

To know more details about the Honda Brio Satya, I will give you full information on the specifications of the Honda Brio Satya. Here is the full specification of Honda Brio Satya.

Honda Brio Satya Specification

Honda Brio Satya is powered by a 1.2 liter engine “SOHC 4 cylinder i-VTEC engine” capable of producing power of 88 PS and torque of 11.1 kg.m at 4,500 rpm (this is the largest class). A variety of cutting-edge technologies like Drive by Wire, Shift Hold Control, and Grade Logic Control are also included (All of this technology for comfort and fuel efficiency) a car that meets LCGC program, Honda Brio Satya has met the fuel efficiency and Euro-4 emissions standards, which means the standard of Honda Brio Satya already meets Euro-4 which is a high standard in Europe.

Honda Brio Satya All types specifications

Engine: 1.2 L i-Vitec SOHC 4-cylinder
fuel system: injection
Fill cylinder engine: 1198 cc
Fuel Type: Gasoline
max power: 88 PS at 6000 RPM
Max Torque: 109 Nm at 4500 RPM
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Front suspension: McPherson Strut
Suspension rear: Torsion Beam
Technology: drive by wire, Grace logic control, drive by wire
Emission standard: Euro 4 met the criteria

Honda Brio Satya sub-dimensions

Overall car length: 3610 mm
Width: 1680 mm
Height: 1500 mm
Axis Wheels distance: 2345 mm
Lowest distance: 165 mm
Empty weight: 930 kg

Honda Brio Satya Interior

Number of passengers: 5 Person
Tank Capacity: 35 liters
Brakes Front: Disc
Rear Brakes: Drum
Steer: electric power steering with the latest type that is collapsable
Tire Size: 175/65 R14
Alloy Wheels: Alloy (racing)
Safety features: dual SRS Air Bag, G Con, seatbelt pretensioners and force limiters type
Brake Features: ABS EBD
AC: available
Audio: CD MP3 USB
Other features: power door, power steering, immobilizer (anti duplicate keys), glass reinforced rear already 4 times stronger than glass in general

The difference is only on the type of accessories such as alloy wheels, spoiler, bumper garnish, Chrome Garnish, Fog Lamp (fog lamp), a double DIN Audio and number of speakers, Electric Rear view, Rear Wiper, and other accessories, while the main components of the machine and the same for all types.

The advantages of the Honda Brio Satya

Engines larger than its competitors, namely VS 1000 cc 1200 cc
More fuel-saving technology with SOHC (SOHC SOHC Honda is a new technology that can control the same as DOHC 4 valve, SOHC but the advantage is fuel-efficient and low on torque making it suitable for a car on the highway, while the DOHC suitable for cars on the track DOHC racing and wasteful of fuel, therefore apply the new Honda SOHC instead of DOHC)
machine meet the standards of euro-4 is a high standard in Europe
4x folding rear glass reinforced
Full features

Honda Brio Satya Colors

White: Taffeta White,
Silver: Alabaster Silver Metallic,
Black: Crystal Black Pearl,
Red: Rallye Red,
Orange: Sunset Orange II,
and Polished Metal Metallic.

To complete the review of Honda Brio Satya, I will give you some very good pictures with the best quality to you. Here is a picture of the brio satya that you can use to choose a model that fits your style.

Honda Brio Satya wallpaper pictures

Honda Brio Satya Matic and Sport

Honda Brio Satya Matic and Sport

Honda Brio Satya white

Honda Brio Satya white

Well, that’s the review and sample images of Honda Brio Satya that can be utilized before buying this car. You can see a variety of other car brands if you are not interested in the Honda Brio Satya.

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